Prop. Trading Platform for Indian Securities

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  1. Anyone know of any prop. trading platform/broker/institution that has dma/stp access to Indian Stock & Futures especially the NSE?
  2. Interactivebrokers has Nifty futures traded on SGX.
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  4. US regulations don't allow it?

    Indian Regulations don't allow it?

    Who's really making these 'decisions'?
  5. My post was actually about Institutions who are providing prop. trading DMA/STP access to Funds/Investment Entities registered with SEBI, which is one hell of trouble.

    Many institutions like Deutche Bank, Merrill etc. have readied DMA access to Indian exchanges for their clients. I am sure there would be others also.

    What I want is a better platform that has access to Indian exchanges and I will obtain the permissions through the red tape myself.
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    I know I can gen India on Redi. Didn't checked latest fees associated.
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    Indian Regulations don't allow, One has to Reg: as FII.
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    If one can trade in INDIA the best trade is to ARB between CASH to Futures in stock it is a very very big business in India with 0 risk. At present all prop trading Co. in India are trading this.
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    Well for our HF based in Caymans, Indian stocks are allowed.
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