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  1. Hi ,

    I have an interview at a prop trading firm this coming tuesday. I have absolutely no idea of what type of questions they will ask. Can someone please help me as to what type of questions I should expect? A few samples will be much appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
  2. 1) How much capital can you put up?

    2) What would you like to be doing six months from now?

    3) Tell me about why you want to be a trader?

    4) What did you like/dislike about your last prop firm or you last job?

    5) Why do you want to work at this prop firm?

    6) What are your biggest accomplishments?

    7) Can you work under pressure?

    8) Why should I hire you?

    9) How do you follow rules? were you in the marines?

    10) What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

    11) Do you prefer working in a team or not?
  3. Ripley, Thank you so much for the super fast input. This board is simply the best.
    If others have any more questions that I should be ready for, please post it. Thank You.
  4. Also, I was told that if i was hired, my pay would be based on a profit split, but they did not say how much. They do not require capital contribution, therefore i dont know how they will split the profits. Any idea how "no capital contribution" prop firms generally split profits? I am sorry for not giving out the prop firm's name. It's because I dont think it would be in their best interest.

  5. no capital contribution.. its usually 50/50 or around something close to it.
  6. They start you out on a small salary. When your trading account hits a certain amount (net of desk fees, commissions, salary, etc.) you start to split. I suppose the percentages are different at different firms. Probably you get to keep something like 35% of the profits at first and 75% goes to the firms trading capital. Then when your account reaches another level you get to start keeping 45%, then 55%, etc. (note: these numbers are arbitrary and are different between firms. Also, you can probably negotiate the terms. So, everyone at the firm will not have the same contract as you.)

    You participate in your profits and loses, and the firms profit and loses.
  7. okay, thx guys, that clears up the smoke in my mind.
  8. newb


    are you interviewing with swifttrade?
  9. no, not swift trade.
  10. Well that is great if you don't have to put up capital. Nothing to loose. Just be careful if they make you sign a contract though. I interviewd with a couple that required a capital contribution and was asked:

    How much capital are you putiing down?

    That's it, period.

    well at least that is what i was expecting anyhow.
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