Prop Trading In South Africa

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by kamakazi, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. kamakazi


    Anyone interested in trading out there??? Just want to pull some ideas together.

    Please send me a message if interested.
  2. kamakazi


    Primarily Cape town as it is a gorgeous area.
  3. kamakazi


    No one?? Any further info would also be handy.
  4. Cape Town is my home town. But i now live in the UK. Were u wanting info about trading etc out there? Or just stuff about S Africa or Cape Town in general.

    I've never been an active trader there, but have a contact or two who may be able to help
  5. Calypso


    Haven't Mettraders got an office there?
  6. kamakazi


    From what I know, they are not out there. Just planning. But personally i would not trust them with a bargepole. The are a small house and I do not believe in their operations. There have also been many bad reports about them in the UK
  7. euribored


    Can you expand on that Kamakazi? What are some of the 'bad reports' you have heard about Mettraders?