Prop trading in Orange County, CA?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by domineaux, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Been searching on the web for several days looking for proprietary firms in Orange County, CA. I've found no proprietary trade firms that require Series 7 license and allow me to trade my own account dollars.

    My preference is to trade from the firms' office with direct ECN, with remote trades possible at home for minimal number of trades.

    I'd appreciate any referrals or links.
  2. I found a Guardian Trading LLC in Orange,CA. I'm not sure, whether it's a Retail or Prop firm.

    It appears to kinda be a mix of the two. Anyway, they use the Laser, which means they're clearing through Genesis I guess.

    I'd appreciate any recommendations or "other information" on this company.

    In my starting post on this thread I mentioned Series 7. I currently do not have a series 7, but I thought to trade Prop I would have to get the license.

    I plan to trade in the office, and so only a small amount of trading from home.

    Also, I'd appreciate any other recommendations. I live in Orange County so I'm looking for Orange County trading office with direct ECN and enough competent support to trade effectively.
  3. I know a group in North San Diego that trade all products and have both Full Prop and also Arcade style with larger payout and supplemental capital.

    They clear Goldman and Fortis and ML Pro so they are not a bucket shop nor a liquidity rebate shop. PM me is you want managers info.
  4. I think Bright Trading is still in Irvine. I don't trade prop and no longer live in OC though.
  5. We have a small office in Irvine, if you want more info, PM me and I'll be glad to help.