prop trading in Europe?

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  1. I see a lot of talk about proprietary trading in the US.
    But has anyone here some info/stories/experiences on prop trading in Europe?

    I'm from Belgium. Even in London, friends working there in banks/hedge funds tell me it' s very limited, as this seems to be more of a US type of thing, with no real equivalent here in Europe.

    I personally know just one guy here in Brussels working like that : he uses the bank' s money, has total liberty in regard to its trades/markets, and gets 70% of what he makes, although HE PAYS NO COMMISSION. The name he gets here is (in french) "un positioniste" (which would translate as "someone that positions something"). He' s been doing it that way for a while.
    He started as a trader of swaps (he was trading DM/FRF), then turned to belgian and dutch equities, to finally get where he is now. He' s more a swing type of guy. I know for example one of his positions is short VOD uk, targeting the 1 pound level.
    Just for the story, shorting VOD with the pound as a target must be one of the most played games in town over there in London, as you repeatedly hear about it. It' s also one of the great subject of talk on CNBC Europe : will VOD hit the pound?

    Any comments?

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    been looking for 60p for some time, though will probably bounce off 65p

    i dont personally trade stocks - but vod is a leading indicator of the ftse
  3. We have traders in several European countries now, and are planning an expansion in the near future. They are trading remotely now, but we hope there will be enough interest to set up trading rooms. We have someone in Brussels now, I believe.
    *Our traders do provide some capital*
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    Babak is the only one I know. Do a search of this site (top right corner of your screen).