Prop Trading in Boston area

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by bouncy, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. bouncy


    I'm an experienced proprietary trader looking to move to Boston. I'd like to trade my own money at a professional firm (ie: Bright Trade, Andover). But I can't find a single office in Boston or the surrounding suburbs, which surprised me because many less populous cities have offices doing this.

    Does anybody know of an ANY such office anywhere within Boston? Or any office within an hour or two drive from Boston?

  2. i think carlin has an office in boston.
  3. bouncy


    thanks for the info. actually, i called Carlin, they used to have an office there but they don't any longer. same story for Bright Trade too, I think. any other firms that you know of in boston?
  4. trillium --- schonfeld group
  5. bouncy


    thanks for the info.

    I just checked the schonfeld group website for locations -

    and a Boston office isn't listed there. i know trillium has offices in Boston, but the website for trillium doesn't mention day trading.

    i'll give schonfeld group a call to make sure they don't have an office in boston. how are trillium and schonfeld related?