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    I assume they trade US equities as well? On the site they say they are not scalpers. Can you share what their style is? Is it same across different instruments?
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  2. They do trade equities, but not much is spoken about in the forex meetings regarding other divisions so I cant attest to their other strategies. I do know the theme that was presented is many traders trade FX for directional moves in times when volatility is good, and take advantage of lower volatility periods by trading options.
    They discourage over trading, and they dont make $$ off of commissions at all. Commissions go directly to IB. (Again this is for FX, I dont know how the other divisions work.)

    With FX, their main strategies revolve around different techniques for pairing the weakest/strongest currencies, correlations, other fundamentals, and interpreting how the market internalizes news in regards to tells on price action. Which news releases are most likely a waste of time, and which ones could move markets and why, etc. There is more to it, but that is the gist for FX.
    I do think I remember them mentioning with equities a similar relative strength theme applies, but no idea of the details.. I could be wrong.
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    how much is the training?
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    do prop firms accept demo records?
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  5. Anyone tried trading dock yet?

    Was thinking between earn2trade and trading dock.

    But earn2trade recently just changed the drawdown to $2500. So am looking at other possibilities.

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    I am trying Trading Dock right now. What drew me to try them is the lot size you can use in the

    future. However learning a new platform takes a bit of time for me. I am glad these companies

    are here, it can really help with your development in trading. I may try earn2trade but maybe

    next month or January.
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  8. Hi,
    do you offer lightspeed software or takion?
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