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    Hi Patrick
    Thanks for various suggestions, you being a top vendor (TT) to this industry information from you is respected.

    You see for those who are not at the top end of math of IT degree and all that to get in to real top firm( both inside US and outside) the alternative is to go to these "Pay for test" business model ( mind you some of them are just education/ test sellers and strictly speaking don't "Fund" themselves )
    It will be great to find any business who may not be at top end but at the same time not in the "Collecting Test fees again and again" business !.
    That way it is bit more fair to the applicant. at the end of the day a trader has to show performance no two ways about it.
    If you know any please do share :sneaky:
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  3. Jump trading, first ny, schofeld trading
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    Thank you for your interest in our firm. Zimtra Asset Management acquired The PropTrading Group (PTG) towards the end of last year. Operationally there are few differences between the two companies. We pride ourselves on being able to help established traders make their strategy(s) more successful and maximize their profits. At this time, we are only accepting experienced traders with proven success. If you meet that criteria I would be happy to help you open account with our company.
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    why zimtra does not have a website yet?
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    So we either have very top level with reputation and regulated and needing college degree
    or those feeding on test fees
    or these ones who these seems to be based in very small jurisdictions and many don't even have company and street address!
    On top of that the SWIFT trade bad press
    Are there no honest operators? at retail level ?
    I mean even reputable one in US can also go under so why would anybody even think of sending a penny to these ones
    Some claim to be from Canada and have restrictions like Canadians from certian states can;t trade WTF! raises more eyebrows
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    I am a futures trader trading from London. Unless there is a specific reason to trade individual equities then I would suggest to put some money in a retail futures broker. Myself I have traded in a prop house back in the day which was clearing through Marex, but don't think Marex accepts retail clients any longer. Since then I traded remotely with Advantage and AMP. Although their customer support is not the best, they been around for a while and your money should be as safe as anywhere else. On the upside they give you buying power, i.e. you can trade across different CME/Eurex products based on the margin you have i.e. your trading account balance. Commissions are not bad, though not as good as the ones you get if you manage to join a prop house. PM me if you need more info.
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  9. Thanks Adam291, trading equities and futures are two different things. Once you trade equities (specially U.S. equities market) trading any thing else is a very different. Those who have traded will know. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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    you have to answer yourself why this is happening

    when you find the answer you will figure out probably that you too do not need them

    there is good old american saying:

    if we do not have them - you do not need them :)
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