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  1. just trade your own capital and rely on nobody but yourself, i can tell u will not make it
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    No need to do the education. The Gauntletâ„¢ is for existing traders who don't need it =)
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  3. I trade some one else capital (Leverage) and yes rely on myself(that's trading all about). Everyone trade for themselves. Any good equity prop firm you can suggest which accept non us clients.?
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  4. no, move to US if you are serious about it
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  5. That is also an option.
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  6. or move to US, start a prop firm then move back abroad and trade from their thru ur US prop firm.
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  7. Or make the same arrangement from where i am and enjoy. Just need to find right partner(firm).
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  8. good luck, u would have to be an insanely great trader for any US firm to take you. they want to be able to have one on ones when needed and meetups etc. and if you were that good you would be running your own fund. u are wasting your time with this proposisiton. look for local capital
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  9. I said i am looking for those firms which accept non us clients. I know my limitations. And i am not that good btw.
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