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  1. Hello guys
    The idea of this thread is to share you real experience in cooperating with Prop Firm.
    Here is a pattern you may follow:
    1. Name of the firm, web site link (inderect)
    2. Clearings they use
    3. Min risk depo
    4. Comissions
    5. Payout
    6. Leverage
    7. Funding (comissions for funding, available payment instruments)
    8. Withdrawal (comissions for withdrawal, withdrawal time, abailable ways for withdrawal)
    9. Platforms
    10. Is there options for Us citizens
    11. Is there partnership program / if yes - conditions for partners
    12 General characteristic, Advantages/disadvantages, all cooperation experience you can share

    Here is my experience:

    1 DTC Poland en.daytraderclub . com
    2. Clearings (client can choose): ETC (shares only), Nomura (shares and options)
    3. Min dep.: $1500 for ETC, $2500 for Nomura
    4. Comission depends of clearing:
    30cents per 100 sh (ETC) and 50cents per 100sh (Nomura)
    5. Payout: 91% (ETC) and 95% (Nomura)
    6. Leverage 30 or more
    7. Funding: bank wire (only comiss is customers bank comiss for transaction), webmoney (only comiss is comiss of webmoney sistem)
    8. Withdrawal: Bank wire (only bank comiss for transaction) or webmoney (only webmoney sistem comiss), Withdrawal time depends of clearing: 5-7 days for Nomura and about a month for ETC
    9. Platforms: Sterling lite ($25/month), Sterling pro ($140/month), Laser ($140/month). There are also Fusion and some other platforms
    10. US customers: welcomed
    11. There is partnership program.
    12. I have been cooperating them several years. Good firm. If ETC withdrawal is about a month though.

    1. United Traders unitedtraders . com
    2. Clearings: They dont share this information
    3. Min Depo: from 1000$ Aurora, from 3000$ Sterling
    4. Comiss.: 55cents per 100shares
    5. Payput: 95%
    6. Leverage: 20 or more
    7. Funding: bank wire (only comiss is customers bank comiss for transaction)
    8. Withdrawal: Bank wire (only bank comission for transaction), withdrawal time - 5-7 days for not big sums, if sum is big withdrawal can take about a month.
    9. Platforms: Aurora ($60/month), Sterling ($140/month)
    10. US customers: they dont work woth US clients
    11. There is partnership program
    12. I have cooperated with UT for some time. Good company. Comissions are higher but there is cheap platform Aurora. I left them couse Aurora isnt stable it is fosen sometimes and sometimes time and sales isnt sinchronized with Level 2 well.

    Besides that i cooperated with Avalon. Not bad company. But i cant recommend them now.

    Please guys dont flood in this thread. Lets share each other really usefll information.
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    How about one more point : Regulated in? which country and authority