Prop trading firms in NYC, their origin?

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  1. I realize this may have been posted before... so if this thread is redundant, please direct me to an appropriate link?

    I am a graduation senior and I want to learn a little bit about trading houses. I hear about prop trading firms like Trillium, Chimera, And FSNY. How did these shops get started? they offer positions for undergrad graduations with no capital contribution and 20:1 leverage. That seems like a good place to start and at no risk to the new trader. From what I hear... these 3 trading houses are much better places to start than other trading houses because they require no capital contribution. Are they good places to begin trading? Are they good places to learn? What is the benefit for the trading house to offer deals like this to new traders?

    Where did the traders here begin learning how to trade? What did you guys read? Where did you work?

    I am a little lost... I know very little about trading houses and would like to learn more.
  2. in many cases; thats of money from mom and dad.
  3. what?