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    Hey this is my first post and I know there is alot of information out there, but with all the mergers, closings, etc.. would everyone please post the Real Deals that are currently available out there with the different Professional firms (Bright, Echo, Carlin, Shoney, ETC...)?

    Deposit Required (Y/N and amount) -

    Profit payout Spilt % -

    Per-share Commission charges and Ticket Charges -

    Leverage Available -

    Monthly Platform fee (Y/N $$) -

    Options Contracts Charges per Contract -

    Thanks alot, I know there are many out there trying to seek out this current information.
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    Any other personal information would be helpfull as well, IE: are people happy there? Any problems getting paid?

  3. many people aren't going to tell you what they're paying. all deals are neotiable so it depends on your ability to negotiate and what leverage you have. if you ahve only 5k or nothing down ability to bargain is tough. if you're a customer account with all your own money and trade remote you can squeeze a manager good. i'll put it this way. i'm with a large prop firm as a customer account remote and do over 100k a vol a day and the office makes only .0001 on me. it's not a black and white issue. it depends on so many varables such as is the manager desperate for business,are you using his money or his office etc.butpeople with top notch deals won't disclose them. take it from a guy who talked to 100's ofpeople and squeezed them all
  4. The rates are so low now its crazy. You can get per TRADE (not per fill) for volume for under a 1.00 as well as pay per share from 1.00-3.00 per thousand ,depending on your style.If anyone needs info just PM me.
  5. there you go talking your shit again. you're breaking the rules by recruiting on here. no us citizen wants to go under a outfit out of canada.#1 etrade professional was giving 35 cents a trade. i was the manager of an office and i know you were with them them. #2 you're with sterling software charging $250 amonth for software which is a rip off do you really believe sterling can compare with assent or echo? i'll challange you or anyone to get $1.50 per thousand or less with assent ,hold or echo.THERE'S A REASON PEOPLE PAY MORE WITH BIG OUTFITS AS THERE SOFTWARE AND SERVICE IS SECOND TO NONE. stop recruiting on here
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    In your experience, which firm has the best software for scalpers? And what is it that makes the software superior? Please describe in depth. Thanks.:)
  7. Great Question:

    By far Avil, Hammer (Assent) or a newly ripped-off version, Blackwood (

    These are bare bones systems that let you see size as it comes into the book (NYSE) and box and T&S data with NO delay. You can front-run pretty much anyone using them.

    I'd reccomend them for scalpers, faders, etc., or anyone who doesn't believe in letting a trade "breathe"