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    I know there are similar threads, but most are brutally out of date. I want to know who has, or is considering joining a prop firm (inhouse or remote) and what one in the decision making process should be looking for. I will post details here, and seek feedback..
    Payout structure (monthly basis)

    0-9999$ : 70%

    10k+ : 75%

    Fees and commissions

    Commissions are 0.20 per 1000 shares (0.0002 / share)

    Monthly fees for Sterling platform and all quotes and data : 200$

    ECNs are 100% passed through.

    Markets available : NYSE - NASDAQ - AMEX

    Deposit / Buying power / Stop limit

    The minimum deposit is 2000$ USD.

    Buying power is allocated according to a trader's experience and needs (minimum is usually 200k).

    Daily stop limit is set at 10-20% of deposit amount (can be adjusted going forward).

    So what do we think.. what do I need to be aware of (devil is in the details) and any pros/cons people? I currently trade and profitable on average, but capital is tiny tiny tiny.
  2. Sterling is a POS platform, but other than that it's a fair deal IMO.
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    So where do you trade, CLubber, you seem to know more about this than most of the posters here? How long have you been at this?