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  1. I am currently based in Europe and thinking about moving to Canada to trade for a prop firm. I trade fully automated, mostly small- and midaps. Echo and Bright get mentioned often as two very respected firms.

    However, I am bit disappointed by the comments on the infrastructure. There is a lot of negative feedback on Sterling trader Pro. Are there other plattforms available through Echo? Any other firms I should be looking into? Thanks.
  2. This has always been the problem: the prop trading platform.
    When I evaluated Hold Bros. I came to the same conclusion.
    There appears to be a huge opportunity for someone to start-up a black/gray box prop form.
  3. Though RediPlus, the GS platform is now 1000% better than the "old days" - our black box guys seem to simply go with a FIX connection, and seem to be doing fine. Many do just write to the API and use Redi as well.


  4. Don how well does the FIX stuff work with other popular platforms? I know some guys swear by it but I personally would rather just code straight to the API. I use sterling with 10.6 esignal and it does a pretty good job of managing the orders. The problem i have with using esignals api to put orders through sterling is comparability if I ever decide to go elsewhere. it's going to suck to recode with the right api calls. I'm always afraid of one-size-fits-all solutions but i'm interested in your opinion.
  5. There are traders more qualified in programming than me. I just go by what seems to be working vs. what there have been troubles with. My "black box" knowledge is limited to DDE links and Active-X via Excel. The experts do the harder stuff, LOL.

  6. Exactly. Unless you put a lot of time and effort into the design of your trading platform and made both the data feed and order entry modules/classes abstract and configurable, you are hosed....and constantly stuck with a re-write when you move.
    Note: platforms like Multicharts have already handled this problem.
    Anyone know of a prop firm that has a licensing agreement with Multicharts ?
  7. We use Green Mountain Analytics through echo. Our programmer won't support sterling anymore, and I can't blame him.

    Edit: I'm doing a lot more manual trading lately, and the GMA platform definitely takes some getting used to, just so you know.
  8. Hmm, so is GMA a solid quirky plattform or buggy? The docs looks rudimentary.

    "ECHOtrade is home to some of the premier automated traders in the industry. " If that is so I wonder why they don't offer other plattforms.
  9. See my previous post....for the reason:
    IT AIN'T EASY to support multiple platforms.
  10. do bright or echo have colo options for their black box traders?
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