Prop Trading (Any 1st hand experience?)

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    Has anyone ever traded for a prop firm (which you pay the $5k or whatever deposit then begin trading)? I am curious what it is like in one of those firms, such as, is there training that is provided or are there monthly quotas to meet? I suppose I am curious what it is like working firsthand at a prop trading firm place like that. Obviously you trade throughout the day, but how is it different than if you stay at home and trade? Thanks! :)


    Go to Prop Firm,

    There are alot of post's,

    Don Bright is good at explaining the pro's and con's.


  4. Thanks for your help everyone! :)
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    If there is training, ask about the incentive structure for the trainer. Is it comm. based or payout based. Almost always is comm., there is a high turnover in this business so dont be surprised if there is little to no training(unless your paying directly for it).