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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by state0090, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. The question is how much prop traders net annually?
    0-1 yr
    1-3 yrs
    3-5 yrs
    5-10 yrs.

    I am looking to start trading in a prop firm here soon. As in every career there are several variables that determine how much a professional earns in a particular field. Used to be MBAs start with 80K, Engineers 55K, Lawyers 65K, Doctors 50K (in residence), Teachers 40K, Journalists 35K, NBA players 250k...... These numbers are not exact but are a fair estimate. I am sure some of you started in a prop firm ( (and survived ) and can yell the story.
    Please be decent.
    State your years in the propfirm and approx net (IRS)...0-50k, 50-100K, over are all anonymous.

    FYI- I have 0 professional trading experience and it's okay to loose my shirt (you have to start somewhere )
  2. Lol not sure where to start, good luck friend
  3. I worked at a prop firm once. Many of them were talent free, living at home with their parents and they were gone in two weeks some were millionaires. It just varies.
  4. Depends how good you are. In the end, you have to give money to your boss so he can give you a bonus, but he gives you the tools to make some big money if you are good. If you're talking about working for an "arcade" though, I'd say under 6 figures.