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    Hello, I am a home-based daytrader(DAX future German bund and YM). I hardly have a chance to see the professional traders at work. As part of my continue education as a daytrader I would like to have some Prop Traders/Bureaus Traders let me visit their office just to see how the office-based traders work; what's their mood; what's their data feed and execution system; what hardware they are using; what buying power their allowed(average or an intermediate level trader)if possible talk to someone at his/her tea break.

    I will NOT interfere with their trading.

    I have no interest in working in an office as I am too old to have a boss.

    I only want to know my predators and my prey.

    Thank you in advance. PM me please.
  2. Why not take a look on the traders in Frankfurt?
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    Great idea. But do they open for visitors? I don't know anybody there. Give me some names and detail please.

    Thank you
  4. if your working at a prop firm you ar more or less self-employed....

    the management/risk management are there mainly to a: motivate you (if you need it)...b: manage your daily risk....

    no one is too old to have a boss, especially if it can add to your skill set...

    the mood is aggressive, no one likes to lose money and if your doing well you become a motivator for your colleagues...

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    try Berkeley's in London...
    don't know if they can accomodate but they would be able to assist you.
  7. Just send them an email saying you're an experienced trader and that you do lots of volume. They'll gladly show you round if you entertain them the notion that you'll bring them loads of money in commissions. Doubt anyone would allow to just look around out of curiosity.
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    Thank you all the ETers replied on this thread.

    I have visited 2 trading firms in London today. 1 big another small. The bigger is located near Bank of England.

    The traders in the two firms seems to be very relax during the trading hours.

    Small firm has very little advantage over a home based trader. Box standard hardware and trading platforms. No detail about its trading strategies but what they have I have it at my comfortable home. Maybe mine is better and cheaper.

    Bigger firm has something I have not---buying power and a nice in house graphic chart, different trading method or should say different animals. Very interesting. Bigger firm appear to be much more concern about safety, small one greedier.

    Thank you once again for your post.

    Keep it your view about prop/bureau traders and home-based traders.
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    do you know of any places that trade equities? They all seem to focus on futures.