Prop Trader Workstation setups

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  1. ive noticed that there is alot of pics of daytrader's trading setups ...but there isnt any pics of trading setups in all the prop firms around...i think it would be cool if we could get some pics of offices like bright, echo, worldco, andover, ect ect
    thanks alot

    and dont say just go to the offices and check them out..because i live very far from any of them:D
  2. yes jon...but i have noticed you have a couple on here...
  3. Picture of Workstation
  4. hmm thats weird
    i replyed after jon had posted that pic and it put my reply before it :D
  5. I was thinking, how did he know I was going to post??????
  6. Are those Dell computers?
  7. Nice pic! I'm glad to see they have outfitted you well...or is that your own stuff?
  8. That is Martin in the pic and whole office is outfitted the same

    another pic taken after the close one day....
  9. wow, those are very nice pics. I want to work in an office like that!!!!

    Do you guys train new traders to trade firm capital? :D
  10. the firm has provided nice/expensive equipment for our office

    Digital 17 inch flat panels(which are 19 inch CRT size) , Dell Computers Pentimum 4's with boatloads of Memory.

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