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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by edcastro, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. In Vito's defense,

    I was shopping firms (and still am), for a long time and VB showed up here a few times.

    at least the marketing is showing up in the right forum.
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  2. How can I see old or new VB rates ? I asked for them but so far did not get any.
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  3. vsisto

    vsisto ECHOtrade

    Just sent to you and Nitro

    Will have on the web site soon.

    Thanks, Vito
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  4. Vito,

    How many traders do you have?

    And what are the old rates, why are those not on the site until the "new" ones go up?


    PS - please send to me as well, Thanks.
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  5. vsisto

    vsisto ECHOtrade


    Just send you my cost schedules. Van Buren has always customized deals for traders and so I never really had a "commission schedule". But the market now calls for firms to have such schedules and so I created one last month. It does in a lot of ways make things easier. Though I have to say I still end up customizing deals for traders, despite having the schedule. For example, a trader that does 100% Island came to me last month and I gave him a deal customized to Island trading.

    Van Buren has about 80 trading members across the country. About 35 of those traders are financed with firm capital. The other members of my business have been with me for years, and my growth until now has come mainly through word of mouth and through the hiring of financed traders.

    We have recently begun a program in which we recruit experienced traders and teach them the proprietary models that we teach our financed traders. With this new program, it makes sense for me to let traders know who we are and what we do in the case this program may appeal to someone. That's probably why you haven't heard of us before. I must admit that I just discovered the site a few weeks ago when a friend told me that someone had started a thread by saying "who is Van Buren?". Well, now they know.

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