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  1. in 2009

    - made $16,000 with a W2
    -lost $12,000 with a prop firm
    -made $4,000 with another firm
    -had $6000 of expenses (computer, office rent, trading classes)

    both are typical LLC models

    Can I take my k1 losses with my expenses and offset this with my w2 income? I have not called an accountant yet, so that is why Im asking

    $16,000 + $4000 = $20,000 total income
    $12,00 losses + $6000 expenses = -$18,000 ???? = $2,000


  2. anyone?
  3. I'm only replying because no one else has. I know little about this, so take it at that. I suspect you can't offset that loss because there is a $3,000 investment loss limit. I hope I'm wrong, but you'll need to go to a real accountant who understands tax law for a real answer. Don't do your taxes based on a web forum.
  4. cubical


    I am not sure, I am not a professional. But I believe you can claim the k1 as business expenses, thus taking away from earned income.