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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Kmanster00, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. i am looking for simple program to auto trade

    are there any coders or traders who can point me in the right direction
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    Are you looking to for someone to give you a profitable automated program to trade or looking for some way to automate your trade setups onto an API?
  3. i am looking for the bridge, i have trading programs.

    i need the bridge that takes my TS signals into a prop broker.

    i know conceptually how this is done with a program that reads the local host for email then parses it and re-submits it but i am not a programmer.

    i currently have this for Forex
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    chimera capital links TS and Esig. signals to Anvil for execution and order management. anvil is stocks only. sometimes they will will fund or leverage strategies too.
  5. thanks for the input..
  6. But are there any such pro-grammes which would do trading by itself seeing the market fluctuation and/or we can make them execute the order by setting a criteria
  7. you need to have your own program.

    i have models which i run. the pics attached are of the top half of the Dow.

    these program will all run independently. my approach is different in that i would rather have a portfolio of systems, reducing risk and smoothing the equity curve

    the leverage in prop along with the costs makes this feasible
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  9. Wait, can I trade through Chimera as just trash off the street if I bring my own money?