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    Anyone know of any? Any ideas how i might find out who they are, partic the ones that pay either a decent salary or a basic salary plus commissions etc? Hopw/who do they hire?
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    What exactly are you looking for and what are you trading.

    there are plenty of Prop shops in London but all have there pros and cons.

    not many pay monthly salaries though - mostly they will take a split from your profits. this split SHOULD be in your favour though.

    If you give me some more info like contracts you trade, how many per month and if you are looking for full financial backing etc, then maybe I can recomend someone.

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    i trade euribor, bund, bobl, shatz. trading volumes 10-30k a month. interested to hear about any deals, whether backed or not, splits less than 80/20 in my favour i am not interested in. full financial backing, keeping no cash on account i may accept a smaller split, as long as i have good size limits. whats out there?
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    There are deals out there but if you are going to draw down your account as soon as you make any money you are not going to get the size you are after, all prop houses like some kind of security and this is gained by the trader leaving funds in his account unfortunately.

    I dont see any problem with you getting an 80/20 deal especially if you put some funds.

    Try CFT "Bravehearts group" they seem to be up and coming and there is plenty of talk about them at them moment. They are new in London but the people they have on board are respected and the Montreal office is flying by all accounts.
    Contact Dan Cousins in London.

    There is of course MAREX (Refco) they are more corperate and have strict guidelines they have to run by. Out of the two you are probably better off with CFT but if not contact Matt O'Brien in London

    Good luck and if you need any more info just let me know

  5. Try Geneva Trading in London. I worked with them several years back, but I moved back home after getting sick of the UK (London in particular) lifestyle.

    Solid place to spend a few years though - weather isn't too nice though.
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    thanks people. so dan cousins has jumped ship then cos he used to be at refco?
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    DAVINCI, have you got a contact number for Dan Cousins at CFT?
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