Prop Shops in Europe?

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    Does anyone know of any trading firms in Europe? Anyone have any experience starting one?

  2. where in Europe?
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    I'm in Bratislava, Slovakia. I've been getting some (what seems like) interest from some people I know in NY regarding starting up a shop here.

    Not sure about what kind of regulatory issues are involved with trading worldwide exchanges (both euro & US markets) and also things like clearing of trades.

    I've been a day trader in NY for a few years and recently relocated to Bratislava.
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  6. On a related theme- still looking for a good one in Chicago for remote access if anyone has any ideas.

    I would stress I don't want to be backed - have my own capital but want to be able to locate a model in Chicago and trade spot fx and futures on the ecbot and cme off it .

  7. try, there's plenty of job adds there, mostly for the UK, but also for France, Germany, US and Australia.

    you can also check, we have several offices all across Europe.
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    I don't, it's just a different model from the usual prop houses as it's non profit
  9. non profit? :confused:
  10. its a Limited by Guarantee incorporation run for the benefit of the members. To trade there you have to become a member of the firm. The benefits of membership are that you get to trade at the lowest rates I've come across in the industry.

    Example: Eurex financial futures you would pay 0.24c per side including exchange fee's - thats basically 0.04c clearing fee per side.

    No sliding scales, its a flat rate regardless of volume.

    Obviously, if your doing 100k spins per month, you stand to save a bundle in commissions. They clear through Fortis.
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