Prop Shops in Boston?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Tom1, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. Tom1


    Does anyone have a good guage of how many prop shops are in Boston? Where could I find some or what ones do you know of?
  2. There have already been threads about this topic. Try searching using keywords "Boston" and "Prop".

  3. I am surprised - the city that produced Jesse Livermore does not take much interest in trading.:)
  4. Gibson


    Good point, but most of the traders are in Chicago or New York. Boston has money managers, mutual funds, old money. Not so much trading. Maybe too old-line. But this is not to say there is No trading.
  5. tbomb


    Anyone interested in starting a Futures trading group in Boston? Split the TT, bloomberg, CQG, etc? I dont think Boston has any futures prop shops...
  6. Ever since Bright got fined in Mass back a few years ago, it was apparent that the Commonwealth of Mass was not going to play ball with Prop Shops. Hence, they are far and few between in Boston.
  7. Just to set the record straight, the only penalty we ever had was for "failure to register" - around 10 years ago, at a time when we were not required to register in most states anyway.

    We registered, we opened an office, kept it for 8 years, and then the traders wanted to go they did.

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  8. Check on craigslist under jobs in Boston. There is a prop firm that advertises and also a currency prop trader.
  9. Frenchy


    i m interesting by BOSTON, im currently in Paris but my wife is searching for a job in a pharmaceutical firms (she is doctress in pharmacy) Can she find easily a job ??:confused: