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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by knocks420, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Are there any prop trading firms that will seed automated and/or mechanical trading strategies? No or very very little capital contribution. Intra-day and overnight. This is assuming both tested systems and robust backtested models with all the fixings (commission, slippage, execution, distribution return analysis, etc.)

    Basic question is what are the deals out there if you have solid ATS(s)?
  2. rosy2


    yes. look on google for algorithimic trader or system trader job postings.

    the thing is your ATS probably will not stand up to real testing/trading so you won't get seeded.
  3. CBuster


    Yup - I work at just such a place. But like rosy2 said, it's one thing knowing that these places exist, another to convince them to seed your strategy.
  4. Two of my strategies have about 8 months of actual performance [positive of course ;)] along with backtested performance so I can measure the variance between.

    The other strategies have been backtested utilizing methods to match as close to real performance as possible. Removing all trades on bottom/top ticks, .02 per share for commission, limit orders only, randomized entries, monte carlo simulation, etc. etc.

    Although real performance still won't match I have a targeted conservative equity curve with calculated equity variance bands

    soooooo, can anyone recommend proprietary trading shops that will seed ATS(s)?
  5. CBuster


    PM me - I might be able to help

    Send me some of your basic perf stats (backtested and real), target markets, timeframe, etc