prop shop with low latency/high connectivity to exchanges?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by thisguy, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. thisguy


    Trying to find a stable prop shop (or
    quantitative hedge fund) to bring
    on board my technology primarily
    used in market-neutral groups for
    high-/medium-frequency trading in
    equities. I am more interested in
    trading futures.

    Need to find a shop with inhouse
    low latency connections to exchanges
    or inplace working relationship with
    a single-point brokerage.

    In addition, an understanding of
    discount brokerage/clearing, with
    possibly ownership/leasing of full,
    non-clearing exchange membership
    would make trading at that volume
    level possible in futures with lowered
    fee structure.

    Chicago-based currently but am not
    bound to Chicago. Chicago folks
    please let me know your ideas for
    firms to contact locally, and those
    out in NJ-NYC-CT region I would
    welcome your suggestions. You
    can email me privately if you like.

    I have no non-compete/NDA WRT
    this technology and can migrate
    without legal concern.

    My apologies if my posting doesn't
    fit within the traditional bounds of
    this board.

    Thanks to all on ET in advance!