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  1. First, I'm a noob. Lets just get that out of the way right now. /activate_flamesuit.

    Second, I'm looking for the major differences in kinds of Prop Shops that a Trader can work in/at and how difficult it would be to 'get in' given my lack of "Trading Experience"?

    1) Shops that just provide leverage; lower commisions; and a platform... what are these called, "Chop Shops"?

    2) Shops that provide 'Investment' in thier Traders, poviding support/education, working capital, low commissions, trading platforms/technology, and career development... not sure where these kinds of places fit in: are they just called Proprietary Firms or are they a subsid of a corporation acting as the "prop/trade desk'?

    3) Is there something in-between? If so, what?

    Third, here is my list of Q's when looking for / interviewing possible employers. Is there anything that you experienced guys would add that I'm not look at, given my in-experience?

    - Time and effort each firm puts into training and support?

    - Investment each firm makes into keeping current with trading technology?

    - Core competencies of the firm?

    - The business relationship between the firm and the trader, including fees, commissions, payouts, and benefits?

    - The interpersonal environment of the firm: stressed or relaxed; supportive or pressured?

    - Success rates among new hires at each firm?

    - The presence of successful traders in the areas most related to trading interests?

    - Turnover Rate?

    - Sponsorship, Career Development, Support, Mentoring, & Education?

    - Leverage, Account Size, $ Down, Cost of ¡¥Tution¡¦?

    Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Thank you.
  3. I am trying to find a good prop trading firm for options. But seems very hard to find one that accepts traders. Can anybody give me some information?