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  1. I searched for Prop/proprietary trading but I could not find a post about it so I'm starting it. If this in any way violates the rule of Elite Trader, please let me know or delete it right away. I hate to be some kind of advertiser.

    I am looking to basically find a firm that would give me money to trade. The first one I found was ForexSigns.
    This one is quite specific about what you need to do to get the fund. Basically there is two months period of generating 5% return or $500 in two months, whichever comes higher. I think that's not that difficult. After two months, you get 70% match of the capital I have. Two months after that they will add another 30%. The profit split is 75/25 where I get 75% and the loss is 50/50. I like the fact that the loss is 50/50, since that seems to limit my loss to 50% of the loss. I can really be aggressive trader.

    Another one I found is forextradingusa. This one is cool too. This one, they say you don't have to open any live account with them. But they are really vague about what consists of a qualified trader.

    Now I want to know whether there is any other firm that might offer better deal than forexsigns, or more specific than that of forextradingusa. Or I want to know if there exists any other company that offers prop.


    Here is a firm I have come across that I believe going and working out of an office, and learning from other traders, and from people that have been doing it for years, is a good route to go, then after years of experience, go out and do it yourself or for others. Just my thought, hope this helps.

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  3. milkcake81, Forex Trading USA has a few brokerage firms that they work with and are only looking for active day traders or scalpers - not position traders. You initially trade on a demo before entry level and then full funding begins.