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    Hi all,

    what is the highest payout ratio people have seen at prop capacity, with capital fully backed by the firm and fixed desk fee. im prop trading in australia and i was wondering how the firm compares to firms in europe and the americas.

    of course, im talking about senior trader payouts, not n00bs.

  2. There are one or two firms i know that pay out 95-100%..... If you're experienced and profitable the 80% is the norm ..... If you're doing crazy size and bp the bigger firms pay anywhere from 25-50% however they're letting you swing an 8 digit line.

    If you're trading around 100k a day then I'd say 80 percent, a kangaroo and a boomerang is fair.
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    30% to 60%. Higher payout if you make more money. No desk fees and the firm backs you.
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    thanks for the replies.

    i guess im not exactly getting stiffed here. im getting slightly higher than that but the desk fee does get a little costly month in month out.

  5. Hi,

    Who do you trade for?
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    yes i do
  7. how do you find the place in terms of environment/ turnover of traders etc?
  8. tehponage

    tehponage or just the website

    they recruit once every 6 months for new traders and ongoing for experienced guys.

  9. see you in a few weeks
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    im afraid i didnt answer ur question, i thought ur question was just "how do you find the place"

    the place is awesome in both terms. the environment is very friendly, non-hierachical and fellow traders are all supportive of one another. management is generally helpful and tolerant. turnover is minimal, as in really minimal. especially for grads. i think for the 50+ grads over the past 2.5 years only one got let go and that was because of discplinary measures. although a few did leave on their own accord.

    i could be talking it up here, but personally i enjoy working for propex immensely. hope you will find the place as described when you turn up.
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