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  1. Trader82


    I'm starting a list on Prop options firms. Just would like to compare and see what's out there.

    Found two so far:
    1) Simplex
    2) Vtrader

    Can anybody else sound off and add some more? Thanks guys.
  2. Maverick74


    Echo, Cassandra. Stay away from Don, he doesn't like options. :)
  3. Trader82


    Can you give me a link or contact info for Cassandra please? Did you get my PM by the way? Thanks for posting.
  4. Maverick74


    Link does not seem to be working now. Keep in mind they are a market making firm in the CBOE.
  5. I like options when they're used by traders who know options really well. Had a guy, he thought because he was delta neutral, that his ratio'd short puts vs. short stock was a good, hedged posiition. I made a chart for him, showing how a very small move would have wiped out his account plus a couple hundred thousand bucks. A little bit of knowledge is dangerous....but I think I'm "preaching to the choir" eh Mav? You see more of this than I do probably.

    Don :)
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    Aint gamma a beauty!
  7. Do you know who Maverick74 is?
  8. does anyone have a link for echo? i wouldn't label simplex a 'prop' firm, as they seem to have a buch of people trading a common group account.

    overall, seems to me that there are only a very few prop options firms...and only equity option :(
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    Not true....
  10. well, i may be wrong...reading over Cassandra Trading's website, they are supposedly a market maker at the CME (whatever that mean...i imagine these are leasing a seat) , but in the "About Us" section, it notes that one of the guys has to approve each order...which would make it impossible to stream quote. :confused:
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