Prop offices in Orlando?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by syd697, May 8, 2002.

  1. syd697


    Any prop offices in the Orlando area? Any input is appreciated.
  2. hans130


    Pointdirex has an office in orlando. I believe they still do prop.

  3. janko


    yeah pointdirex is downtown on orange avenue, but i think thats the only one that i know of here in orlando, there is worldco in tampa and in boca and even in ft.lauderdale but i think bright is as well. funny- orlando so big but looks like only one prop down here- its a shame. i wish i could do prop and trade nasdaq stocks, id quit my job in an instant.!
  4. liltrdr


    I called Point Direx today and they said they only do retail accounts. Weird. Maybe the stopped?
  5. lpo


    May be we need to open one trading office in Orlando.I guess 4 or 5 partners will be OK to start up.If some one else is intresting you can pm me about it.
  6. wellmax


    Yes. There is one for sure.
  7. gonoles


    definitely interested as well
  8. interested also