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  1. Gents,

    I've searched for London prop firms, but most returned results are marketmakers or arcades.

    Can anyone suggest London-based (or intl firms with remote-trading capabilites for UK) prop firms that trade futures (and equities as well if possible).

    Many thanks.
  2. Hi there,

    There are not many real -prop firms left in London.However, there are still "Arcades" where you put a deposit down and then the firm will give you added levarage in which to trade.

    As of the old skool "Prop trading", ( ie trade 100% firms cash/no deposit required) these have slowly frazzled out starting in around 2006.
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    Tha's not exactly true. I trade at a shop with no cash down. 100% backed. P&L splits are worse than self backed but that's the trade-off. I guess some would still call it an arcade - depends on your definition.

    Besides, if you are young (?) most of the "arcades" have grad schemes where you are not required to place a deposit.
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    What exactly are you looking for? A firm to back you? A firm to train you? Any requirements other than trading stocks and futures?
  5. A firm to back me, really... Which won't screw me. I'm not averse to putting a small cash amount down though. A range of asset classes would be good but futures are essential, and equities would be nice.

    Any ideas?
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    are you experienced / profitable?
  7. system is, just have to run it live.
  8. tt's as good as nothing.
  9. I'd trade it live now, but due to my line of work, it poses too many conflicts and compliance would go balistic.

    If I know there are reputable prop shops I could tap into, I'd happliy leave my job and trade it live.
  10. a better question is does alien have a profitable system?
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