Prop in Boston?

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  1. Anybody know of any Prop firms that have offices in Boston?
  2. I second this post, are there any props in Boston? please help
  3. Surdo


    Check out Pineapple Prop LLC.
  4. LOL!! I opened myself up for that one didn't I? :D

    honestly, I can't believe there are no prop firms in Boston
  5. yobo


    Contact Bright Trading. They have an affiliate office in Boston. Nice group.
  6. Torps


    Wildwood Trading LLC

    I believe it is also an affiliate office of Assent. It is right in downtown Boston.
  7. PM me if you like. In addition, I'll be there next Month, perhaps we can chat in the office. 101 Federal.

  8. Does Bright Trading or anyone else facilitate remote trading ie trading from home or elsewhere through the prop firms systems? I have only found one company (TCA) that offers this but as most prop firms websites are pretty basic I'm sure there are others that do but dont advertise the fact.
  9. We have hundreds of remote traders all over the place, including Boston remotes. FWIW...

  10. According to Wildwood's website they have the same address and suite # as Chimera Securities. Are they one in the same?
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