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    I am very interested in prop firms that trade futures in the nyc area. I don't mind paying a slightly higher ticket charge for the ability to trade with more contracts. I am willing to put some of my money up.
  2. Look around out there. I don't know any places off hand, but I know there are places out there where you can do prop, no money up, give up a percentage, but can trade larger size. Keep looking. They are fastly becoming the hot trading avenue over stocks. I continue to look myself and hope a company has something going out here on the West Coast real soon. The first company out her could be the big winner because there is a huge demand.
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    The firm I work with is forming a prop futures group in San Francisco. And you right ....the demand is amazing.

  4. I have had a friend speak to your main man out there already (great guy from what I hear by the way), but I can't get a good handle on the timeline of the project to get going. Do you know details? Hopefully it is sooner then later.
  5. carlin/generic does futures and options
  6. I was hoping for more options out here in CA for prop futures. I can't believe no one wants to open an office out here. At this point I really can't stand trading stocks anymore and so I am getting antsy to do something soon. I know someone who just gave up trying to get something in CA and went ahead and moved to Chicago. That is a tough move coming from CA. Hopefully I can get some more responses by putting this at the top again.
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    I think one of the problems is that prop firms can always recoup their initial capital if you just break even and write a ton of tickets. Futures obviously brings in much less net commish, and these firms have no way of recouping their cash if you lose it all. Or is this wrong thinking?
  8. That is a good point. Most futures firms take a higher percentage of what you make instead of trying to churn the profits out of you. The way the futures firms run the show seem to be good for the traders since there is more of an incentive to provide the trader with everything they need to make money. From what I here from friends many of the futures firms in Chicago are doing really well because their traders are actually making really good money for both them and the firm.
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    Where do your friends work(names of firms)? If you don't mind me asking.
  10. Tradelink, Matrix trading, and then there is another one but I don't know the name of the firm. GHCO also has a prop group that is suppose to be really good too.
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