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  1. Anyone know of any prop firms that trade in futures, of course requiring an S3, in addition maybe to equities? On-site and in a major city- NYC, Chi, LA, Philly? Any help is appreciated. How 'bout Interactive Brokers? Didn't get much hiring info from their website at all...

  2. Interactive Brokers isn't a Prop firm ...hence not much info on site about this

    Futures has increased leverage already so not many prop firms around. There are few firms that will train you, sponsor you but you will be on the floor in the pits, not upstairs.

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    If you want to go Prop for leverage, you don't need it with futures, especially day trading. IB is a retail broker with competitive commissions. Depending on what strategies you use, if you want high daytrading leverage, you may want to shop around for better day trading margin requirements. Each broker sets their own day trading margins based on their risk tolerance.

    You may also want to check with brokers will allow you to use one account for both futures and equities.
  4. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    ECHO traders can trade futures. J-Trader is the platform.We have offices in NYC, Chicago, LA and more.
  5. <a href="">Geneva</a> says they do. No remote, though, I think.
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    Dotton said:

    >You may also want to check with brokers [that] will allow you to use one account for both futures and equities.<

    Since I trade both, I've been looking all over for those rare birds. So far, the only two real candidates I've found are Tradestation Securities and IB. Since I've been using TS since it was SystemWriter, I'll probably at least try their brokerage (though I really disliked the company a while ago; they seem to have changed their way, at least a bit, from what I can tell). I'll probably give IB a try too, though I'm concerned about their level of customer service.

    Anyone know of any others? I'd be particularly interested in finding ones that either give me my choice of a ticket charge *or* a per/share fee (or a per/share charge with a cap on it (NASDAQ stocks lincluded)), or lacking that a simple ticket charge (but no per-share charge), like Shoreline Trading (which doesn't have futures, of course). [Boy, talk about a run-on sentence. :) ]


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    Kevin said:

    >Since I trade both, I've been looking all over for those rare birds.<

    OK, I'll post the first answer to my own question: looks like MyTrack does. Anyone have any experience dealing with them? (How serious can a company that starts with "My" be, anyway? :) There's all of one comment about them in the Brokers' reviews, and I wasn't real lucky finding much on Silicon Investor.

    Oh, and TNT says they have e-minis, but since their website instructions talk about a second account to wire funds to for futures trading, it's not (yet) clear to me that they're able to actually switch the funds back and forth as needed.

  8. You can't switch funds @ TNT; different clearing firms.
  9. LA ECHO

    LA ECHO ECHOtrade

    In response to all of you who have PM'd me about futures leverage.
    ECHOtrade's intraday policy on leverage is as follows:

    $1000 per ES
    $750 per NQ
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    How about NJ? I think you have an office in the northern part of the state.

    How about remore trading?

    Do you guys have a central contact of some sort or do people have to go to individual offices to get detailed info?
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