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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by presto, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. presto


    I am interested in finding some information on spread trading debt futures. In particular, yield curve scalping on Eurex (ie. bobl/bund) or CBOT (5's/10's/30's).

    I know many traders who work for prop firms in Chicago and London are active in this area. These firms give their traders the super low rates and the technology which are needed to trade this way.

    Basically, my question is this; short of moving to Chicago, do I have access to this type of trading?

    Also, are there any prop futures firms in South Florida? I don't know of any, although Refco used to be in Miami.

    Lastly, do any traders have 'remote' setups to trade like this, or is it impossible without a professional setup?

  2. I have worked in london for 5 years spread trading eurex products.

    2 weeks ago i started trading from home via a prop firm in london.

    i log in over their vpn and trade eurex, liffe, and cbot products. i am amazed at the speed over a 2 meg line. it doesn't appear to be any slower than in an office - although i am not spreading now - trading outrights.

    i bought a computer from dell - £700 with double processor speed and a couple of monitors - so you don't need massive computing power.

    i can't believe it would be any slower from the states. might be worth finding a prop firm (either here or in the states) who allow remote access via a vpn and giving them a go from florida.

    be interested to know how you get on.
  3. presto


    Thanks squadron leader!

    I'm starting to call some of the Chicago futures prop firms to check this out and see if I can get 'in house' rates to trade this way.

    Is anyone out there currently trading LIFFE spreads or bobl/bund spread remote?
  4. esmjb


    advantage futures will let you do that type of thing. harrisson might also. ive done some research into this and speed may or may not be an issue, depends how you trade. if you need scalper-type speed it just isnt possible. but if a small lag is no problem then you are in business.
  5. Good luck, considering vol in every asset class in the world is the lowest on record. Interest vol is non existent. Its as if time has stopped.
  6. ghco has an office in south beach miami on lincoln road.
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    I am trading futures on the ecbot platform out of an office in boca raton....looking to expand and/ or diversify into other trades...any interest or questions please email me at qb60614@HOTMAIL.COM
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    So GHCO still has the office in Miami or not?
    I keep hearing they closed it down, then they still have it....
    There is nothing about the Miami office in their website.
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    ghco????? never heard of them..... where are you trading?
  10. trdrcbot


    GHCO pulled the plug on the miami office, setup for ex refco traders, months ago.
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