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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TraderSU, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Friends,

    Do you know any PROP firm who'll entertain small sized account like mine i.e. $5K, estimated 100K+ shares a month, part-time remote trader (so low or no fixed monthly cost would be great)?

    EliteTrader is a great place to learn from experience and expertise of others. Thanks everyone for building this community.

  2. Just about any prop firm will take your business if you're putting $5k down.

    Your volume is low, so commission won't be the best. And there will be some fees, which are normally waived for those who do enough volume.
  3. Can someone please suggest some names here (or PM me)?

    I guess most of trading client will not connect from behind a proxy server. So it would be great if the prop-firm supports web-based trading as well?

  4. check out cygroup. same position as you for past 3 yrs with them
  5. dealmaker


    Bright Trading will let you open an account for $20k and you can do opening strategies only which means you will be done by 7:30am PST. OR try Assent, they let you open an account for $5k.
  6. NYC212


    do some openings and put on some automated pairs and boom your rich :D

    I had no idea Assent lets you open an account with $5,000?