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    Looking to move on from swift due to a pretty meager payout.... There offices have nothing to offer anyone with any experience...I've been shopping around right now to trade remote out of B.C. So far I've come across prestige, assent, benchmarq and echo.
    Can anyone offer any pros or cons to any of them??
    I've been offered 20-1 leverage, 100% payout and competetive commissions from Prestige, which would triple my salary! Any helpful comments about these firms (except swift) would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Benchmarq and EchoTrade I have only heard good things about.

    In all honesty there are a ton of firms out there.

    I think in the future I might put up a simple webpage on some free webspace and just refer people to that list of prop firms because I feel like I'm typing out prop firms to people every other day.

    So I might get working on that by the end of this week.
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    I am new to these forums and I can say that a basic site like what you have suggest Mowery would be beneficial to many people.

    It is done *kinda* hehe.

    I just through that together, and I'm sure I'm missing some firms, but I will add them as I find them, and I will put my own personal comments on them as I find them, and other information I have learned from other users and stuff like their trading platforms and years operating and stuff.

    I just really don't want to have to PM people this information anymore!!!
  5. sawyer


    Hey thanks for all that effort Mowery

    Hopefully you've made it easier in the future for others....
  6. No problemo, hopefully it will help.
  7. Oh yeah, I have recieved a lot of PM's from people already thanking me and also a few asking me about which firm has the best training.

    All these firms I'm mainly referencing towards REMOTE trading, which generally remote traders don't get much training (if any).

    Although I do know a couple of these firms offer training in their offices, you'd have to ask around about that.

    Just figured I'd let ya know.

    If there are any firms I didn't mention, please let me know so I can remember it.

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  9. Nope, but looks like it will make it to my list now. Thanks.

    Hopefully I can get a list of all the proprietary firms that are around, I'm sure there are still a lot I have never heard of.

    EDIT: I updated it.

    Good stuff too, I never have to type out all my bookmark URL's again :D
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    I wounder , if possible to put some information about commitions and software fees.
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