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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Dusky323, Jan 18, 2012.

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    So I've been trading off and on with TD for a few years now and I've recently decided I would like to Day Trade on a more regular basis. I'm only using about 15k so it limits me to 3 trades a week. I sometimes split my money up and use E-Trade and Scott trade which gives me 9 trades but it would be nice to have it all in one place with capabilities of more trades. Anyway, I've been conversing with "Bulls on Wallstreet" which uses Lake Street Trading as their option for a Prop Trader. I've filled out and faxed all of the paper work and I'm all set up other than the actual wiring of money. I'm just still un-certain if this is really my best option. It looks good in theory but the lack of information and feedback from others about these guys makes me a bit nervous. I love following all of the guys in "Bulls on Wallstreet", Im just not sure about Lake Street Trading. Other than my lack of ability to make decent trades, is my money in Jeopardy going this route? Should I just remain with TD and work my way to 25k that way and go unlimited trading then?
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    im in the same boat, just started looking into prop firms after some time with e-trade. i settled with capital traders group, they have good reviews and set up process has gone smooth so far.
  3. Have you spoken to multiple people at Lake Street trading? Do they offer any help with strategy design or anything like that? What platform are they offering you?
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    well I dont get any replies from the actual Lake Street contact. I only talk to the people from Bulls on Wallstreet who seem to mediate between me and Lake Street lol I sure like all the Bulls on Wallstreet people and they seem to be using Lake Street so it makes me want to go with them. However, it seems strange that I don't get any direct contact from Lake Street, especially since they dont have any money from me yet lol I figure this is when they would be most friendly!

    The platform used is Das Pro which I have been given a demo to try out so I can compare it to what Im used to which is ThinkorSwim by TD Amer.