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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by charm, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Hey everyone, I am new to the trading world and hope to get a job in new york city. I am a math major at a top university class of 2008. I recently developped an interest in trading due a summer internship at a small hedge fund. I am looking for a prop firm that offers a lot of training and pay a salary (i dont know much about trading, so i perfer not to lose money everyday!). So far, the only one i found in NYC is Jane Street Capital. I am sure there are other good firms, i just can't find them =/. So any help would be great!
    Also, i am not against moving to chicago since i heard of some really good ones there (DRW, Peak6, WOlverine). I am pretty new to the business. So i am really looking for good salary and training. Please let me know if you guys know any such firms in NYC or Chicago.


  2. I am a honors/honest masters grad from a top computer science university with 10 years of trading experience

    I am not asking for any salary, training or even soliciting to trade for you (so I will never lose a cent for you from trading) .

    Just give me your money and that would be good enough.
  3. someone mentioned chimera is very good.

    you have to email and/or call them to see which ones offer what.
    P.S. If you want to trade futures move to chi-town. We are the futures capital of the world. But honestly being a good futures trader really has nothing to do with your math degree you might as well go to work for someone like Citadel and model away. Wolverine will love you as Options and their models would work well for your degree. Also try Jump Trading.
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    thanks for the advice guys. i recently got in contact with tibra trading. what do you think of tibra? I heard many good but vague things about them.