Prop Firms with no capital contribution?

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    any honest prop firms that don't require any capital contribution and some that train as well?
  2. the firm i am at. kershner trading in austin texas.
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    Thanks, my apologies though i meant for new york area... do they allow for remote trading from new york and how would there training be done then?

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  4. robbie: what's the commission/compensation structure like there?
  5. Goldman Sachs.

    All you need is a very high GPA from Harvard, Stanford, MIT or Vanderbilt, blonde hair , square jaw and blue eyes. Women need not apply.
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    I have all except the blonde hair, guess im out of luck then :)
  7. GS is more like short with big ears and nose, droopy eyes place.Not too many aryans around there .

  8. The heeb/wasp/wop ratio is about equal. I know plenty of cats that work there...:D
  9. i'm a very handsome man and would not fit in with Goldman's out of shape ugly people.
    also while we are on the subject,why do so many trading firms have ugly,out of shape people trading? i'm serious,you ever walk into a trading firm? gonna start a whole new thread on this one.
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    lol while i appreciate the humor, please stay on topic people :)
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