Prop Firms = What % of daily volume ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Joab, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Joab


    Can anyone confirm exactly how much daily liquidity prop traders bring to the markets % wise ?

    My guess is 25%
  2. th3414


    So you think they did 50 million shares of BSC yesterday?

    Ha!Ha! I'm joking.
  3. rosy2


    what do you consider a prop trader? you mean the guys who manually scalp a tick or 2 all day long or the automated firms like getco, atd, citadel, etc...
  4. Joab


    People that make their living (or trying to) directly for themselves from Licensed or LLC day trading firms.
  5. rosy2


    they dont even register. they are insignificant
  6. jd7419


    Completely wrong. I trade 10 million shares a month and I am one of the smaller traders volume wise in my LLC.
  7. Joab


    Let's do some basic math.

    Average prop trader 25,000 (low end) - 250,000 (high end) shares per day.

    So let's just say 75,000 shares average per day per trader (give or take).

    Average prop house 250 traders

    Say 5 big houses and 10 smaller boutiques so lets take 7 as a round #

    7 prop house x 250 Traders x 75,000 shares each per day

    = 131,250,000 shares volume per day


    Hows that math ????
  8. Agassi


    I am impressed

  9. Lucrum


  10. Lucrum


    No idea about it's accuracy but it's probably as good a guess as anyone's so far.
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