Prop Firms (W/Salary) For College Grad?

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  1. Hi,

    I am a senior at Carnegie Mellon double majoring in IS and Business, with a 3.34 GPA. My primary major is in a technical discipline (IS), so it appears that a lot of companies want to hire me for IT positions, which I don't want. I am looking to start for a true prop firm in NYC that offers:

    1) A salary.
    2) A training program. (It seems like the firms that offer a salary offer a training program)

    I have completed summer internships at Lehman (IT) and Morgan Stanley (Investment Management).

    I know of these firms that offer salary:

    Breakwater Capital
    Harrison Trading
    Allston Trading
    First New York Securities
    Schonfeld securities
    Zinc Trading
    Swift Trade
    D.E. Shaw

    Does anyone know of any more firms that I can look at? I do not wish to invest any of my own capital, but I am looking to start out as a junior trader in a firm that pays salary. I did look at the bulge-bracket firms, but I didn't get through.

    Also, when should I apply? It seems like many of the places that I am applying are telling me to apply back in April when I am near graduation, since they don't know what openings they will have until then.

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    I am interested too.
    Do you trade already ? Because I guess that kind of firm wants performance proofs ?!
  3. I do not trade. I am paying my way through college, I have no capital...
  4. That link didn't work for me, would you be kind enough to repost?
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    What is "IS"?
  6. Would you consider a job in Chicago?

    Our client is looking for a number of analytical traders for their various trading desks.

    Our client is looking for a number of analytical traders for their various trading desks. The position will involve both trade design and daily trading. The ideal candidate would have both the ability to work in a high pressure trading environment and the background to master fixed income mathematics.


    Bachelor's or Master's degree in a technical discipline required
    Ability to do light programming and analysis to aid in trade design and optimization. Experience in financial markets preferred but not required
    Work on analytical research projects may be considered as relevant experience

    About Our client

    We trade electronically in financial markets around the world, 24 hours/day (including Asian and European markets), and we are located in the heart of the financial district of Chicago. One of the many rewards of working with us is that we are small enough that your work matters and visibly contributes to the company’s growth. Compensation is very competitive with comprehensive benefits including health and life insurance, personal financial benefits and generous quarterly bonuses. Other valuable benefits include daily catered breakfasts and lunches, tuition assistance and frequent company-wide events.

    If this opportunity interests you, kindly send a cover letter stating why you want to be a trader and resume to
  7. Information Systems
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    I have no suggestions for more firms, however I can remove a few from your list for you...

    SwiftTrade does not pay you a salary.
    I don't think Hold Brothers does either... (maybe someone else can chime in whether they do or not.)

    good luck

    - mnx

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    "Depends on what your definition of "IS" is."
    :cool: - trader slick willie-
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