Prop Firms trying to sound legit

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by NY_HOOD, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. i love when these day trade /chop shops try and act sophisticated. they use the word "FIRM"..

    please contact joe at the firm.
    are you going to join the firm?
    the firm has rules?
    you need to sihn an egreement with the firm.
    anither funny thibg is the name; its always ABC Capital, ALWAYS THE WORD "CAPITAL" to sound legitimate.
    i also like their so-called risk department. the e-mails come from a yahoo or hotmail address; real professional. the risk department is usually another guy that also trades and has a desk in the same small room as the owner who is playing video games while his cell phone is shut off. how bout when trying to contact him at "the firm" and someone says he's in a meeting ! a meeting about what! there is actually a day trade/chop shop that has a guy who says he is a "chief strategic officer";i am not kidding.
  2. LOL. :D :D :D . It's very true. By the way, don't forget the Human Resources Department.:D :D :p It's really sad how many people fall for this scam, especially if they require a deposit/education fee/membership fee or whatever they want to call it.
  3. i'm kinda glad the SEC put the smack down on these override monkey "prop" firms but they are still alive and well.......i think they are posing as "private equity" firms now.
  4. they are basically bookies that never lose making money on the vig. you walk into these "firms" and you have a bunch of kids wearing sweat shirts and drinking soda while they trade with credit card checks.