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    I have been trading for about a year using EOD charts and holding positions for about 2-3 weeks but want to learn how to Daytrade.I have looked at all the Prop Firms websites and seen the courses they offer,can any Traders that have completed the Trainning recommend any of the courses,any feedback appreciated,Rob
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    Besides Bright, most prop firms provide informal training (if any training at all).

    My experience at Lynx/Andover (one-on-one training) has been excellent. If you reside in the NY or San Diego, pay Lynx a visit.

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    Bright charges you over a grand for the training training is done by getting to know good traders and essentially being a sponge.
  4. Forget any day trading firm that offers courses. You can read all the books in the world, but unless you have someone who goes over your trades daily after the close in the beginning, you'll never learn the nuances of each stock, and how they react to different trading strategies. I can discuss this with you in more detail, if you'd like to e-mail or PM me.
  5. Actually, we charge exactly $1,000 ( a second visit is completely free). We are forming "boot camps" now, and will now offer longer term (4-8 weeks) continuing training in our Las Vegas office. Our "beta test" is working very well so far. I will take about 12 traders per "boot camp" session (we have about 6 signed up for the January session, since these will be new traders to the system, and they need to pass their S7 tests).

    After some training, the "sponge" technique referred to above is excellent. Traders are not too quick to help with those who don't have the basics down, but open up more with those who are part of the team.

    I totally agree with finding successful people to help you, and we encourgage participation with our people.

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    sorry, i can't take anything you say seriously with that screen name.
  7. Most of us, when we think of boot camp, we imagine an intense and demanding program that not everyone will survive. However, a hidden camera at the last Bright Boot Camp revealed the following survivors:
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    can you give more details about the new 4-8 weeks boot camps?is that for traders joining the firm only?

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  10. Sure, send me a PM and I'll give you the details...and, yes, you would have to be set up with the firm to participate.

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