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  1. I am in search for the best prop firm to join. Joined Barkley years back and got ripped off. I am told to go with a registered firm, but not a deal breaker. Please respond if you are happy with your firm since I am ready to start today. I closed out my IB account and funds will be here Monday. I am not looking for any training for I have my own system an strategy.

    If you can please help with these questions. This will help all who are seriously looking for a quality firm.

    1. Name of firm
    2. Commission fee per trade
    3. Monthly software fee
    4. Is monthly software fee reduced by the Commission fee per trade
    5. Pay out percentage (example 70%, 90%)
    6. Is there a time frame on how long money has to stay in account
    7. How much is need to open account
    8. Buying power

    Prop firms seem like used cars salesmen; you can never get a straight answer. I do not know why they cannot post this information. Prop firm I encourage to answer these
    question for the forum.
  2. your mom is the best
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    Why? Because everything is negotiable.
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    Do a search. There are a ton of threads just like yours. Stick with firms that have been around a few years and are registered BDs. When someone recommends a firm, they get slammed for being a shill, so a lot of people refrain from doing so.

    You can also start be looking at the few prop firms that are sponsors here at ET.
  5. yes i see that every one that gives advice or anything positive they get bashed. It seems like this is negative forurm. Shame it has to be this way. I have over 20 private emails with great information that have really helped. Now i no why they sent private instead of posting. I hope to be trading new account by mid week. I have talked to 3 firms and hope to talk to a couple more. I want to thank every one for the information.
  6. Why didn't you go to FINRA or the SEC to get your money back ?
    I did. I got my money back.
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    You got private messages from people shilling for their "firms". I bet most of them were from unregistered LLCs....not legit firms. So I won't be aacused of shilling I will name the top 4 firms to look at (in alphabetical order):

    1. Bright
    2. Echo
    3. Hold
    4. JC Trading

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    Hold is the ghetto of the prop firm industry.