Prop Firms that require zero or max $2K down?

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  1. Do you know of any Prop Firms that require little or no down. Don't require a series 7, and permit remote work?

    Thanks in Advance
  2. No, but i am sure some people do know of such firms
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    Can it be called a real proprietary firm without series 7?

    Most proprietary firms are required by law to have their prospective traders take and pass a Series 7 exam in order to be awarded a “registered representative” license.

    Most prop firms require around 10K deposit, but there are a some out there with less deposit demands.

    List of prop firms:
  4. If the firm is a member of the CBOE, then no Series 7 is required to trade firm capital. Echo and World Trade Securities are set up this way.
  5. Can you give some names? Thanks
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    If I am not mistaken, traders with prop firms stationed in Canada do not need series 7.
    Echo requires a S7
  8. Hmm...must have been a recent development. I met them back in November and a Series 7 wasn't required.
  9. ok forget about the requirement to be licensed, I can do the series 7 exam

    do you know of any Prop Firms (names please) that require almost no initial deposit, and that permit remote working (I travel alot)

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    How do you expect to prop trade if you sitting on a plane?

    Prop trading companies are not looking for part-time traders.
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