Prop firms that enable longer term trading?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Hockey Trader, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Just curious, and I am sure they don't exist for a few reasons, but are there any prop firms or broker-dealers that let you hold trades for a few days upwards to a few weeks? I assume no place would let you tie up their money for that amount of time, but just wondering. Thanks.

    Would the only option be opening a retail account in this case and using one's own money?
  2. you can use portfolio margining 6.6 times for retail accounts over 100k
    (not an expert on this)
    and i believe bright allows 6.6 overnight margin on 25k depending on your strategy.
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    Of course there are. And you can go over 6.6x leverage, you will just pay a haircut charge beyond that amount.
  4. Yes, and Lescor is correct as well. We slow people down at around 30 to one (hedged of course).

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  6. Thanks, guys...Appreciate the info.

    Good trading, BTW, Lescor
  7. Hey Don, how many of these 30 to 1 types blow out their accounts just out of curiosity?

  8. Very few since they are generally the more experienced pairs traders (and merger guys).