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    I currently trade on my own. But I'd like to explore some alternatives, and am wondering if those @ prop firms could answer a few questions.

    1. If I put up $25/50k, can I get 100% of my account? I'm assuming the firm's juice would come from desk fee, commish, etc.

    2. Can I get insurance? I'd really like to get on a group plan for my wife and I.

    3. Anything else I should know/wonder about?

    I'm a consistently profitable trader, been on my own for years, don't need a backer, etc. I'm just looking to change my situation up a bit if I can find something that makes sense--seems there is the possibility of a win/win. I trade futures mostly, but might get back into equities and options.
  2. Maverick74


    1) Most firms will give you 100% of your p&l if you are putting up money.

    2) If you and your wife are healthy I would highly recommend you do not go on a group plan as your rates will almost certainly be higher then if you get your own coverage.
  3. I concur with Mav, check out for health insurance on your own.

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    good luck
  5. How can this be?, please explain. Thanks.
  6. You, as a healthier person, would be "subsidizing" the less healthier people in the group.
  7. mrmoose


    what state do you live in?
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    don please putting up nase is a damm insult. i sold insurance in the mid to late 90's and nase was the worst company on earth always trying to get out of claims and leaving states and unhealthy people couldn't get other coverage. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR AND STAY WITH MAIN LINE INSURERS LIKE UNH,AETNA,CIGNA ,HUMANA ARE BLUE CROSS. BETTER YET SEND YOUR WIFE TO WORK A BS EASY JOB FOR THE BENEFITS
  9. A$$hole


    I use MEGA through nase and have no complaints. Far cheaper than my old blue cross and no problems.
  10. mrmoose


    mega is great until G-d forbid their is a serious illness and then they don't pay enough. Google them and you will see some real horror stories
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