Prop firms similar to T3 Trading group

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Noah808us, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Noah808us


    Are there any other prop firms besides T3 Trading Group that will sponsor someone to get there series 57 license, employ them and allow them to trade from home?
  2. dealmaker


    Bright Trading
  3. traderjo


    employ ? you mean on a salary + performance ? that would be true top tier firms who hunt talent on campuses and from veteran traders, and mostly you will need the type of education they are looking for like maths. engg, IT etc
    I doubt Bright "employs" you.
  4. Noah808us


    So T3 Trading Group is the only prop firm that will back traders with little to no experience? There is no other prop firm like T3 Trading Group?
  5. qlai


    If you have little/no experience, you would be looking for education, not backing. Remote education is not as effective. So either you try to join a firm where you can learn seating next to live traders, or you learn to trade first and then look for prop firm to back you.
    Kirshner Trading Group has a good reputation.
  6. Noah808us


    There aren’t any firms like that where I live.